Any time you are dealing with an order of anything that requires a specific product to get into specific people’s hands, the complexity of that task increases greatly. We can take the work off your plate by offering a variety of fulfillment services.

As we print your product it will get neatly folded right off the press then brought to our fulfillment room where we will individually wrap all the products to be sent to each customer. No more hassle on trying to figure out which person gets what. We handle it all. Then from there, you decide how you would like things done.

Most of our customers’ first choice is to ship each item directly to the customer’s house via individual orders through a custom-built online store that directly fits your needs.

The other option is handle similar to bulk delivery. But rather than receiving boxes with stacked shirts we will individually wrap and tag each shirt so all you, the customer, have to do is find the person’s name on the package. This will help any confusion about sizing that a person may claim differently from the time the order was placed.

stacks of shipments
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